Areas Of Practice

Areas of Practice

Criminal defense, DUI, motorcycle accidents, gun trust, and more.

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be one of the most stressful and frightening events of one's life. It is important to have the right lawyer to represent you at this critical time. The repercussions of a criminal conviction can last a lifetime and can ruin career and educational opportunities. Furthermore, if your job involves a license or certification, a criminal conviction could jeopardize your standing in that vocation. Hiring an experienced criminal attorney can help ease this stress and protect your future.

An experienced criminal attorney will know if the police have overstepped their boundaries or if the State's evidence should be suppressed. An attorney who is unfamiliar with criminal law could easily overlook a crucial issue that could be the difference between a dismissal and a conviction.

The Hamlin Law Firm has the experience to represent you in the event you are charged with or are being investigated for a crime. This experience gives us a unique perspective and insight into how the State views its case against you. They have professionals who work as trusted criminal defense lawyers, DUI lawers, and other areas of law. 

This knowledge is invaluable when deciding how best to defend against serious criminal charges.

Please read through our site to find out more about the areas of criminal and civil law we practice in.

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