Gun Trust

National Firearms Act Gun Trust / Firearm Trust

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In the state of Florida, individuals are legally allowed to own and possess short barrel rifles and shotguns, suppressors, and fully automatic firearms. However, certain State and Federal procedures must be followed, and ultimately approval must be given by the A.T.F.

Do not cut corners using a flawed trust for N.F.A firearm ownership. Using a traditional trust attorney, do it yourself gun trust online, or otherwise, may produce an invalid trust. You risk putting your desired trustees and heirs in a position where they have unlawful possession of these firearms, and your intentions are not secured.

Gun Trust, Criminal Defense Lawyer Pensacola, FL

  • Allows for legal transfer of your weapons if something were to happen to you
  • Your customized trust can be used for your entire arsenal, including firearms, suppressors, ammunition, and magazines
  • A trust can protect your privacy without a public court proceeding
  • No chief law enforcement signature, fingerprints, or photograph required
  • Your paperwork can be dealt with electronically, thus expediting the traditional paper process
  • Anyone listed as a trustee in the trust can be in possession of the items in the trust
  • You only need to create a trust once. The same trust can be used for all future National Firearms Act items, and the trustees can be changed at any time.

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