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In his role as a motorcycle accident lawyer, you'll find that attorney Bryan J. Hamlin doesn't just say he rides, he actually rides. You can find him riding to work in the morning, or meet him on the weekends at Pensacola motorcycle events. Most importantly, he has a firm grasp on the laws of Florida, and how they pertain to your claim. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, he can help you recover lost wages, vehicles costs, pain and suffering, and so much more. Don't trust your motorcycle accident claim to just any personal injury attorney—come to someone who focuses on biker injury cases.

About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Pensacola, FL
The exhilaration of riding a motorcycle is undeniable. But that feeling of freedom you experience leaves you vulnerable to the devastating effects of the road, your surroundings and other vehicles. Your bike affords you little protection, particularly when you ride without a helmet as permitted under Florida law, and that is why motorcycle accidents are often so tragic.

Bryan J. Hamlin understands how bike crash victims and their families suffer. He stands up for the rights of motorcyclists and works to ensure they are fully compensated when someone else is at fault in an accident. Attorney Hamlin will vigorously pursue payment for any lost wages, medical expenses or pain and suffering that were caused by the accident.

Motorcyclists Have a Right to the Road 

Many motorcycle accident lawyers believe that careless bikers cause most motorcycle accidents. But studies consistently show that car and truck drivers cause most motorcycle accidents by failing to keep an eye on the road and their surroundings, especially when merging lanes. Bryan J. Hamlin makes sure drivers are held accountable for their negligence. 

Bryan J. Hamlin is an aggressive advocate for bikers injured in motorcycle accidents. He represents clients throughout all of northwest Florida, and is also endorsed by Redline Motorcycle Shop in Pensacola, FL. We like to remind everybody, look twice and save a life!

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