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Criminal Defense Attorney in Pensacola, FL

We understand Pensacola, FL, so we can better defend you.

Pensacola, FL residents who need a criminal defense lawyer on their side can put their trust in The Hamlin Law Firm. We are an experienced local firm that has been representing Pensacola residents charged with felonies, misdemeanors, DUI and violations of probation since 1999. We also have expert knowledge of international law for cases involving a question of jurisdiction making us the perfect criminal defense attorneys for whatever you’re being charged with.

The Hamlin Law Firm is located at 307 W. Chase St. in the heart of Pensacola. We are here to help people in the City of Five Flags that need it the most. We’ve been in this town long enough to see plenty of hurricanes, Blue Angels demonstrations, the annual pilgrimage of beach tourists and more of the characteristics that come with life in Pensacola. We know this town like the back of our hand, and we give 110% for the rights of local residents.

Pensacola Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The warm weather in Pensacola also means that there are plenty of motorcycles out on the road throughout the year. As a motorcycle accident attorney, our team at the Hamlin Law Firm can help those who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents. Our firm can help you reclaim lost wages as well as compensation for injuries and damage to your motorcycle. Our attorney Bryan J. Hamlin is an avid motorcyclist himself and will fight to protect his fellow riders.

Gun Trust & Criminal Defense

As a criminal lawyer, Hamlin and his team also defend clients in weapons cases using Florida’s stand your ground provision and other defenses of weapons charges. Our criminal defense lawyer can always be trusted to defend theft and assault cases.

For gun owners in Pensacola who want to know about their gun trust and their rights to own automatic weapons, the Hamlin Law Firm has all the answers. Secure the possession of your firearms with a gun trust and an expert attorney on gun trust matters. That way, you can ensure the safe transfer of your weapons and protect your privacy.

Our experienced criminal defense attorney can represent you if you are arrested and charged with a crime. We can form the best defense case for you against the state. We also defend international law cases that take place outside the United States. Our clients include individuals, businesses and government entities.

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To contact the finest criminal attorney in Pensacola, FL, give the Hamlin Law Firm a call at 850-912-8530. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Criminal Defense for Pensacola, FL

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