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Paul Hamlin:

Criminal Defense Attorney Pensacola, FL
Paul Hamlin provides stellar, top-notch services, and is truly the best lawyer I have ever encountered along the Gulf Coast. Believe me, I speak from experience (unfortunately). What really distinguishes Paul from the rest is a combination of not only his legal knowledge, experience, and close familiarity with the FL legal system as well as "who's who", but also his strong work ethic, willingness to listen and understand his client, and shoot you straight. Hiring the "best" lawyer, however, cannot be accomplished without an administrative team (led by Mary Beth) who is always on top of their game, very responsive, and demonstrates genuine caring and compassion for the firm's clients. This team results in a unity of legal services, especially when facing situations that can detrimentally affect the rest of your life (and your loved ones) and have permanent consequences with regard to your freedom, your record, and ability to strive in society...life is already challenging enough, and when faced with legal ramifications, Paul and Mary Beth come to your rescue...literally. Paul is also very fair and reasonable when it comes to his legal fees. In summary, I would not even consider hiring some other prospective legal firm. Paul Hamlin is the answer and solution to your situation, and will fight relentlessly to protect your rights and your future both short-term and long-term. 
- Courtney
From the moment I walked in and spoke to Mary Beth, I felt cared for and important. I went in with a felony from habitual misdemeanors with only a offer for prison. Mary Beth assured me that Mr Hamlin would do everything possible to help me. I was able to put cash down and they set up a helpful payment schedule, I met Mr Hamlin a short while later and my record is horrendous, he looked it all over and I watched him, and could actually see his mind working, figuring out how he would approach our defense, he never, not once acted superior or judgmental based on my history. That's not something that's common, most of the time when I've spoken to lawyers I got judgement or I could feel the difference in the way they treated me after they checked my history and saw how difficult a deal or even dealing with the state would be, mr Hamlin assured me he would do everything possible to help me, and he went through the process of what he would do at each stage. Most lawyers in my experience tell you all these wonderful things and then just try to make a deal, Mr Hamlin was ready to defend me at trial and never influenced my decision just gave me his wisdom. Imagine my surprise when I showed up for court and he told me that my charge was getting dropped. That wasn't ever a thought in my mind, I mean I was caught red handed, and had no legitimate defense. He searched for the parties involved and found they had moved, they were unable to be reached or brought in as witnesses and that made the officers testimony hearsay, he immediately pressed the state attorney and within a couple days I had a letter of NOLO in my mailbox saying all charges dropped, at that time I had another case going on Paul wasn't representing me on, but the situation turned out to be very close to the same. My public defender was telling me to take the 90 days in jail. After Paul beat that charge I was able to explain to the woman how to properly defend me, she filed dismissal papers on the same grounds, charges dropped two days later. He was a huge blessing, he gave me a second chance at the rest of my life. After all that, I still owed him money and have been paying payments weekly, and when I pay him he always has a kind word or wisdom to bestow on me. He's a great lawyer and role model. I hopefully will never be in trouble again, but if I do, I'll never use anyone but him.
- Joshua
Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Along the Gulf Coast
Mr. Hamlin recently defended my brother and truly went above and beyond any expectation a client could have. Both he and his paralegal, Mary Beth, not only took the time to attentively LISTEN to our situation but also develop a plan that served my brother's best interest. Mr. Hamlin was very candid about what to expect, potential outcomes, and best case scenario, instead of just giving us the run-around and what we may want to hear or to happen. My point is he was honest, fair, and understands how the Florida legal system operates. Mary Beth was always on top of her game, knowing exactly what to do and when, and made sure to file the proper actions as needed. Even though I could tell their office was incredibly busy, she always took the time to fully explain the latest status of the situation as it moved from one phase to the next, and promptly responded to phone calls and emails. 

The bottom line: I would not bother wasting time, money, and energy meeting with other prospective legal representatives. If you are in need of legal services, I highly recommend Paul Hamlin and his team. His office's professionalism, reasonable rates, and dedication are by far the best I've experienced. 
 - Anonymous
Outstanding Attorney in Pensacola, FL
OMGoodness...what a kind, thoughtful and caring attorney. I called the office of Mr. Hamlin on the morning of Tuesday, January 24, 2016....got voice-mail so I left a message with a brief description of the circumstances and the urgency of needing attorney representation due to receiving paperwork indicating that we needed to appear in court on Wednesday, 02.01.2017. Within the hour I received a call back from his wonderful legal assistant, Mary Beth, ready to schedule a phone consultation that same very day. After the first consultation I forwarded the paperwork we received to Mr. Hamlin for his review. Once Mr. Hamlin reviewed the paperwork, he had Mary Beth give us another call to schedule yet another phone CONSULTATION for the next day, Wednesday, Jan. 25th, at no charge. During both phone consultations Mr. Hamlin spoke to us about our situation with such professionalism and kindness. Mr. Hamlin cared enough about our situation and felt very confident that he could help us...that he was willing to take our case with very short notice...right in the midst of all his many other cases at which time he earned our respect so very quickly we did indeed retain Mr. Hamlin. Mr. Hamlin and his legal assistant, Mary Beth, made our case a priority (like we only had 11 days from the date of receipt of the paperwork on 1/20 to the scheduled date of 2/1 to appear in court at 8:00a.m. with four of those days being weekend days). However, at the end of the day on 2/1...we walked away from the court room with a GREAT BIG WIN...the case was thrown out!! If you are looking for a hardworking, dedicated and wonderful attorney in the Pensacola, FL area that also has a great legal assistant...Hamlin & Hamlin Law office is the one to call. I highly recommend Mr. Hamlin and his firm. Thank you.
 - Sheila

From the minute I spoke to Mary Beth, my nerves were calmed. My son was facing very serious charges and as an 18 year old young man he was frightened as well. Between Paul and Mary Beth putting all effort into his case, after a month I was beginning to wonder if anything good was going to happen. After depositions, I received an email that the charges were being dropped. WHAT GREAT NEWS. All because of Paul's effort to get justice for my son. All because of Mary Beth's courteousness and professionalism and Paul's knowledge of the law, my son is a free man with a fresh slate. 
 - Anonymous

So Thrilled!
Between Paul Hamlin and Mary Beth, they both turned a horrifying experience into a pleasant one. From the very beginning, phone calls and meetings were professional and empathetic. Being very new to all of this, they made sure to explain everything in detail and to be realistic. My boyfriend and I were treated with respect and as people. You could tell they weren't just on our side for the money (which was extremely reasonable). I hope that we will never have a need for an attorney again, but if we do then I know exactly who we will go with. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome and know that it wouldn't have been possible without them! Can't go wrong!!!!
 - Anonymous

On behalf of my sister and I, we wanted to send a heartfelt thank you and Mr. Hamlin for all the work and dedication that you have shown in dealing with our brother's case. It would not surprise me to know just how many individuals come through your office with the same or similar situation as Michael. However, we just wanted to let you know that your God-given talents expressed through your vocation, have been a blessing to our family and have helped to change the once dismal path of a young man's life. For this we a grateful, and extend our many thanks!
Mr. Hamlin's call to the probation office expedited some things and Michael was in Peoria within 1 1/2 weeks. He began work at Hardees full time within 2 days of arrival. In his free time, he read the newspaper, looked online for additional employment and landed an interview at Comcast cable. He started part time work there in the evening on yesterday. 
He has also applied for low income medical care, as he expressed hopes of wanting to receive mental counseling to "deal with the real reasons I act the way I do, and make the decisions I make." 

The update provided is merely a snapshot of the beginning of growth and potential that exists for Michael that might not have been possible without the wonderful representation provided to him by your law firm. Please continue to do the good works that you have been blessed to do. 

Rho Moore McCoy and on behalf of Carlista Moore Conde, Singapore

Will highly recommend!
Was very pleased with Mr Hamlin. Very professional. Handled my case to my satisfaction. I'm on S.S. and he charged me a very fair fee. Has a top notch staff working for him especially Mary Beth. 5 Star all the way. Will highly recommend. Thank you. 


Mr. Hamlin is an outstanding lawyer.
Reached out to several experienced lawyers. I chose Mr. Hamlin to help me because I felt a good feeling from him and his assistant that they care about their clients. In the free consultation he gave me I prepared many meticulous questions to which he satisfied completely. On arraignment date it was apparent that he was familiar with DAs, Judges, and other court personnel. It ended with the best possible outcome and I highly recommend him.
 - Anonymous

DV Charge
I was referred to Paul from a mutual friend. Paul responded immediately while at home with his family at 730 PM. He was prompt, diligent, honest, and aggressive in pursuing my case and reached out to all of the right folks to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible and I got a fair hand. Paul worked for hours to also ensure my first appearance court date got moved a day early. In the end Paul got my case heard early and after a fair review by the SA, the case was dropped. I can't recommend this lawyer highly enough.

- Frank

Paul Hamlin did a miraculous job. Paul successfully had my case dropped and brought peace to my life like never before. Also, Mary Beth calmed me and is the nicest person ever. She professionally and compassionately provides comfort during the stressful times. I would recommend this law firm to everyone. Paul is the BEST!!!!

- Donna

Bryan Hamlin:

Criminal Defense Attorney Pensacola, FL
Excellent experience and knowledge!
Mr. Hamlin was most reassuring and comforting during the entire process. He found facts in my case that would have gone unseen by most eyes. The knowledge and quick critical thinking was very impressive! Highly recommended!
- James

An amazing attorney.....Extremely capable and gets the job done.
Bryan came highly recommended to us when another highly experienced attorney was out of town for an extended period and unable to help us. We were told that Bryan was young but was absolutely an outstanding attorney. They made it clear to us that they considered him a top attorney. So we called Bryan and words cannot describe the feeling when you have found someone who you feel confident have the skills and aptitude to represent you fairly. Bryan wasted no time getting the case rolling and settled in a very short period of time. He was thorough, did not waste any time, and was very fair in his billing to us. As business owners in the corporate world, sometimes unfair lawsuits come up and justice is not served. We have never had a positive experience with attorneys in the past and honestly do not like attorneys because of negative previous experiences that ended unfairly. Bryan restored our faith in the justice system and is a shining light and a soldier for justice in our screwed up legal system. No attorney has ever come close to providing us the legal support that Bryan did. We recommend him highly and he has earned our business forever. A fantastic experience. We can't say enough positive things about him. A++.
- Gloria

He was very honest with me from the beginning he never tried to promise me something that he couldn't deliver, and in the end he ended up helping me more then I thought would be possible. I would highly recommend him.
- John

Bryan J. Hamlin is awesome!
My first contact with Mr. Hamlin was in a letter he sent me after seeing that a lawsuit had been filed against me. I was in a terrible situation and didn't know what to do. His letter was very professional, yet kind, and it encouraged me to reach out to him if I needed any help. In today's day and age, it is rare to find truly compassionate people, but Bryan Hamlin turned out to be just that. Due to illness, it was not easy for me to get to his office, so Mr. Hamlin made it possible for me to do everything via email. That convenience alone was priceless, but Mr. Hamlin assured me that after our communications that he had everything he needed to proceed. During our communications, Mr. Hamlin clearly spelled out what he could do with my case and all of the possible outcomes. He made me very comfortable with his knowledge of the law regarding my situation and was very honest and sincere in his efforts to help me. He was also very prompt in responding to all of my questions. I never had to feel like I was in this alone.

After only two days of our initial conversation, Mr. Hamlin contacted me to inform me that my case had been dismissed! His knowledge and passion to help people in need clearly shined through. I would, and will, recommend Mr. Hamlin to everyone in need of legal services. I am so very grateful and blessed to have had him represent me. He is a wonderful man and an exceptional lawyer!
- Dana

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